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Why Hinds

Location & Advantages

Located in the center of the southeast and within 500 miles of approximately 39% of the nation's population and total personal income, Hinds County is the perfect place for your business.


When it comes to metropolitan areas, we are the 94th largest area out of the nation’s 381 MSAs. That means that your product can get to market faster without being snarled by megacity traffic.

Meanwhile, you still gain access to a significant pool of employment candidates who are seeking to build your business with you.


If you’re making and/or distributing a product that you’d like to get to Dallas (4th largest MSA) AND Atlanta (9th largest MSA), where do you go? How about we meet you halfway? We're right in between the two.

Jackson is roughly six hours from Atlanta, Dallas, and Nashville and approximately three hours from Memphis, Mobile, and New Orleans. We’re the mid-size city that’s in the middle ground of major markets and ports.

Shipping or receiving from a water port, but prefer to be inland? Of the 10 largest water ports by tonnage, four are located within three hours of Hinds County.

State Advantages

  • Favorable operating costs, including low taxes

  • State-sponsored workforce training

  • One-stop environmental permitting

County Advantages

Hinds County Cities and Towns

Bolton, P.O. Box 7, Bolton, MS 3904 - Phone: 601-866-2221

Byram, P.O. Box 720222, Byram, MS, 39272 - Phone: 601-372-7746

Clinton, P.O. Box 156, Clinton, MS, 39060 - Phone: 601-925-6103

Edwards, P.O. Box 215, Edwards, MS, 39066 - Phone: 601-852-5461

Jackson, P.O. Box 17, Jackson, MS, 39205 - Phone: 601-960-1084

Learned, P.O. Box 2021, Learned, MS, 39154 - Phone: 601-885-2258

Raymond, P.O. Box 10, Raymond, MS, 39154 - Phone: 601-857-8041

Terry, P.O. Box 327, Terry, MS, 39170 - Phone: 601-878-5521

Utica, P.O. Box 335, Utica, MS, 39175 - Phone: 601-885-8718