Ship and receive from Canada to Mexico and places in between.

Canadian National Railway (CN)

CN's railroad extends from New Orleans to Chicago and connects to its extensive network of railways in Canada. In the United States, the railway's western limit is Souix City, Iowa while its eastern limit is Portland, Maine. The railway also travels southeast to the port city of Mobile, Alabama.

Jackson is the headquarters for CN's United States central sub-region.

Kansas City Southern Railway (KCS)

KCS's railway stretches north and south from Omaha to Houston and east and west from Dallas to Mobile. For international shipping, the KCS network extends south into Mexico.

One of KSCR's primary rail yards, High Oak Yard, is located in the Greater Jackson area, as is an 85-acre intermodal ramp with capacity for 300 cars and a 55-acre TransLoad Center for handling bulk plastics, food products, clay, forest products, and steel.