Duty. It's an important word. Free. It's a good word. Duty free? Welcome to the important and good world of Foreign Trade Zones.

A Foreign Trade Zone is designated by the International Trade Administration for duty-free entry of any non-prohibited good. Goods can be imported without having to go through formal customs entry procedures or pay imported duties. Duties are imposed only when goods pass from the Foreign Trade Zone into the country.

Hinds County has three industrial parks located within Foreign Trade Zone number 158. These industrial parks include:

  • Greater Jackson Industrial Center (544 acres)
  • Hawkins Field Industrial Park (559 acres)
  • Northwest Industrial Park (350 acres)


Additional FTZ Information

FTZ Number: 158 Vicksburg/Jackson 
Grantee: Greater Mississippi Foreign Trade Zone, Inc. (c/o Jackson Municipal Airport Authority)
Address: P.O. Box 98109, Jackson, MS 39298-8109 
Contact: Carl D. Newman (601) 664-3500